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Highs And Lows

Originally posted to Facebook on April 20th, 2019.

I’m not a weed person, but in the spirit of 420, I guess I’ll tell you this stupid story.

In college, I got very sick. Like, VERY sick. So much so that I could barely eat or keep down any food (and that’s how you know I was sick because I LOVE food) and had lost a significant amount of weight.

My doctor at the time prescribed me a few anti-nausea meds, one of which was essentially a synthetic form of THC. The medicine worked; I was feeling great. But at the time, I failed to take into account just how sensitive I am to certain substances — synthetic or otherwise.

Like I said, this was in college, and because I wanted to continue living my life like nothing was wrong, I was still attending as many classes as I could.
One afternoon in my European History class, however, the medicine caught up with me and things went left.

The professor asked, “The year was 1066. What happened then?”
I shot up out of my chair and at the top of my lungs, blurted out, “IT WAS THE BATTLE OF HASTINGS. EVERYBODY DIED. I KNOW BECAUSE I. WAS. THERE.”
Then I sat back down.


I never want to be that high again.

Tooky Kavanagh