For The Lovers (feat. CeeLo Green)


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For The Lovers (feat. CeeLo Green)

A new love song by “CeeLo Green,” just in time for Valentine's Day 2018!

By Tres Gatos TV



In what is easily the funniest and most irreverent new podcasts out today, Tooky and creator and cohost Marissa Emanuele share their insights about what it's like to be a woman in the comedy world and how they relate to author Lindy West's autobiography, Shrill.

Check out the Loud Women website for more info, and listen now on iTunes and Spotify!

Paid For By (web series produced by Pushback Films)

Paid For By (web series produced by Pushback Films)

From Executive Producer Dawn Smith:

“PAID FOR BY is a Boston based comedy web series that pokes fun at the zany and backwards world of politics as seen through the lens of political commercial production. Our heroic producer, Margot Meriwether (Kelly MacFarland), is an environmental zealot, feminist, and passionate about her job producing political commercials she believes in.

The painful truth of politics is embodied in her boss, campaign advisor and commercial director, Seth Nelson (Tony V), who wholeheartedly believes in compromise and the value of a dollar…or as many dollars as he can put in his pocket. Making the world a better place with honest ads is a difficult task for Margot, because money is the driving force of politics, and duplicity is the nature of politicians.

The smart and witty Tooky Kavanagh plays Shelby Samstrot. Shelby works as a production assistant on political commercial shoots that Margot produces, and is often the voice of reason and temperance in the face of Margot's harebrained schemes.

Join us on this fun, comedic romp through commercial production in our post Citizens United world.”

Watch a quick teaser —> HERE! <—

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Woman Unknown | Parts 1, 2, & 3 (2018) - Short Film

Independent filmmaker, writer, actor, and comedian Vinnie Pagano presents his short film trilogy, WOMAN UNKNOWN.

In the film, two strangers seek revenge against the same man who destroyed both of their lives.

Written, produced, directed & edited by Vinnie Pagano.

Justice For Alma

Justice For Alma

The mad geniuses at Tres Gatos TV are back with another hit!

This short film was featured in the 2018 Montreal Just For Laughs festival.

“Alma is the world's clumsisest lawyer, like Matlock-meets-Homer Simpson. But when she's forced to represent a client in an unwinnable trial, can she find a way to prevail? Watch their short courtroom comedy to find out!”

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